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Quail connection from fermentation

The Fermentation Women's Association - Fermentation Food - Quail Egg Producers - Meeting customers who are researching quails. I got a cake called "鶉 skin" by the thing that quail connection. It is said that it was named from the collection of phrases "鶉" by Yaari Yokoi, a samurai of the Owari clan in the Edo period. The confectionery was also a samurai and cultural person of the Edo period, and Ota Shuzanjin published "鶉 Clothing", a collection of phrases by Yaari Yokoi, based on the image of "quail" of birds. It is said that there is a rhyrried song made by The Sasayama Jin ota, "The village of Fukakusa, who bakes and eats two times, does not 鶉", and this original song is said to be "the autumn style of Nobe when it is evening, it becomes a 鶉 and it becomes a village of the deep grass" of the poet Toshinari Fujiwara of the Kamakura period. Fukakusa-no-sato is a place name in Kyoto, and I was taught that "鶉 Yakitori" is still one of Fushimi Inari's specialties, and that it is all connected by "quail". It's been a long time, but it's so deep! It's funny. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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