Enjoy a gentle tasting meal prepared by a female chef using fresh vegetables
Even at lunch time, dishes such as dinner courses are available.
It is not a complete reservation system, but it is almost prepared by reservation

Lunch Pranz


-6 types of appetizers assortment
Pasta dish of the day
(Please choose from three types)
And two desserts sampler
Drinks (espresso, coffee, tea, etc.)

-6 types of appetizers assortment
Pasta dishes
Main dish
-Dessert set of 3 assorted
Drinks (espresso,coffee,tea, etc.)
* Italian Molinari beans
If you have * poor food, please tell us.
※We cannot respond to allergies.

A course of the arrangement dish in a large plate
Orders for 4 people or more

Assorted appetizers
Two kinds of pasta
And two desserts sampler
Drink (Espresso. Kobe). tea, etc.)

If you have * poor food, please tell us.
※We cannot respond to allergies.

A B Lunch Only 1,200In circles
You can order one thinly baked pizza (8 cuts)

Prezzo Fisso Course Meal(From two people)

I prepare it in a large plate, so I will divide it by the visitor.
Assorted appetizers
Pasta dishes
The main dish
A style prepared in a dessert & a drink dish after a meal and eaten separately by the customer

Prepared on each plate with the same dish contents
Assorted appetizers
Pasta dishes
The main dish
Dessert & post-meal drinks
* All the assembly of the dish is the same
* Also the difference in the amount is not the amount
*If you would like the amount, please let us know at the time of booking.

Antipasto appetizer



♦ assorted prosciutto Parma ham, etc.
♦ 3 appetizer sampler
♦ appetizers assortment
Vegetable Salad
With a chicken-simmered bruschetta
♦ bruschetta.(2 cut)
♦ cheese assortment
Carpaccio with beef f fillet with berry sauce
♦ Air Buffalo mozzarella salad "Caprese"(Airlift every Friday)
Green asparagus with prosciutto and hot spring eggs

Pasta dish Primo Piatto

Tagliatelle of the migratory crab
Tagliatelle with white truffle flavored beef ragout
Boronia-style beef ragout lasania
Adriatic Anko's Lasania
Amatrichana with handmade bacon from Akubi
Penne Arlabata
Ario orio Peperoncino of sea urchin
Ario Orio Peperoncino with Crab Miso
Ofu Hanai's egg carbonara
Mezze Ringine of Italian crows
This risotto with porcini mushrooms(Italian carnalori rice use) 
Risotto of seafood

Main dishes Secondo Piatto

Salmon Cartuccio
Involti2 of white fish
♦ Nishio from your ink belly Braised
Kotretta pork from Asahi Nishio with salad
Sauteed fish fillet
Roman stew of chicken thigh

Pizza Pizza(Thin-crust)

Margherita of fresh tomatoes from Sotoura
Gorgonzola and Apples
Italian anchovies, capers and olives
The soft-boiled egg of Shirasu from the Chichita Peninsula
Genovese and Potatoes
Boronian beef ragout

Dolce dessert

♦ leave of 3 assorted
♦ liquilizzia(Licorice root)The Panna cotta
♦ Apple Cake
♦ Pistachio gelato
♦ affogato(Gelato & espresso)
♦ Macedonia(Italy-style fruit punch)

Drinks Bevanda

Wine Vino

▼ Spumante sparkling wine
Berlucchi Brut
Steininger Zweigelt
Berlucchi Franciacorta DOCG Rosé Brut 61
Andre cruel Rosé Brut

• Vino BIanco white wine
Biancanelli Piedmont Chardonnay 500ml
Piancanelli Chardonnay
Viñalta Pinot Bianco
Tenant Sauvignon Blanc Classic
Sonhof Grünafeldlina Reserv
Bardolino Kiaretto

• Vino Rosso red wine
Biancanelli Barberadisty Fragora 500ml

Biancanelli Barberadisty
Biancanelli Barberadisty Somnium
Zinfandel Puglia
Rosso di Montalcino
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Aparthotel
Umberto Cesali Romagna SanGiobese
Les Serlee Nuove Ornelaia